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Are you looking for a senior web developer, UX engineer, or frontend architect?

With many years of experience as a freelance frontend developer for major agencies, start-ups, and big e-commerce companies this is what I can offer with confidence:

Many projects were in the telecommunications sector, where I built shop front-ends, maintained telesales web apps and worked on testing and personalization for online marketing. A/B-testing is kind of a forte, as I'm comfortable with consulting non-technical stakeholders and actively participating in concept and UX tasks. More recently I've been drifting towards consulting major agency clients as frontend architect.

As the web is evolving quickly, I’m used to and keen on learning new technologies. I am enrolled in MOOC specializations to extend my skill sets in areas like machine learning (especially Natural Language Processing) and I like to try out new languages or frameworks like Go, Wasm, or Svelte.

Have a look at my profile or feel free to connect through Xing (German) or LinkedIn (English). Or Mastodon for informal exchange (DE/EN).

By the way, I designed the logo of this website myself ("Schaf" = sheep, "Feld" = field, you get it ;)
I ♥︎ cross-functional tasks and teams.

Freiberufliche Web Entwicklung / Freelance Web Development

Kontakt / Contact

Oliver Schafeld

Schafeld Web Development
Oliver Schafeld
Overbergstr. 8
48734 Reken


E-Mail: info@schafeld.com


Telefon: (+49) 0 28 64 / 88 56 01

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